Booking, Cancellation & Child Policy

We offer free booking and cancellation for any trip to make your comfort. You can book or cancel any trip on the day before the tour starts except for some tours. We need to Ship, Domestic Air & Train Tickets at least 7-10 days ago before the tour date. So, minimum booking money is needed to confirm the tour and a non-refundable amount is being charged for the cancellation as we don’t get any refund from the tickets. 

We buy Train Tickets (Non-refundable) 4-5 days earlier from the tour date, if it’s a pre-confirmed tour. After confirmation of the tour, we buy Domestic Air Tickets (An amount is non-refundable). We book hotels after the confirmation of the tour. We can cancel most of the hotel 48 hours ago from the tour date. If we cancel later, they charge 10-20 % of the payment. We can cancel the Car 12-24 hours ago. (Except in some cases).

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