Bandarban (Chittagong Hill Tracts)

Bandarban Hiking Tour

There is no better place in which to experience the mystery of magical hill tracts than Bandarban. The place is major inhabitation for over 13 different indigenous groups lies on Sangu River. The river is the center of local life could be a perfect place to take a cruise. Hike on hills, meet different tribal people, their bazaars & weaving factories and lose yourself to the natural life. Most of the places are undiscovered & untouched by the tourists because of some restriction by the authority.  If you want to explore Bandarban, complete permission for the places and discover the hidden beauty of Chittagong Hill Tracts.


Quick Facts

Location: Bandarban, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh

Total Area: 4,479.01 sq. km. (Bandarban Hill District) 

Population: 388,345 (2011 Cencus)

Indigenous group: Marma, Arakanese or Rakhine and are also known as Magh, Mru (also known as Mro or Murong), BawmKhyangTripura (also known as Tipra or Tipperah), Lushei (also known as Lushei), KhumiChak, Kuki, Chakma and Tanchangya (also spelt as Tenchungya), who are closely related, Riyang (also known as Riyang), Usui (also known as Usui) and Pankho.

Festivals: Baishabi Utshab (12-14 April)

Attractions: Sangu River, Golden Temple, Boga Lake, Nilchal, Nilgiri & Chimbuk Hills,  Tribal House & Bazaars, Tribal Weaving Factories, Rijuk Waterfall, Shailaprapat and many more.

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