Barisal Backwater

Barisal Floating Market

Barisal is a port city of Bangladesh surrounded by the river and endless tracts of greenery slacked from the rest of the country. The life depends on the river and it’s much easier to reach than the road. The most exciting thing is people and their cultures allocated with famous backwaters and floating markets. It is widely know for floating Guava market is a place of interest for every traveler and photographers. Baitakara & Banaripara are the two major places to experience the largest backwater floating markets in this region. The villages, bazaars, school, fruit gardens, the busy port constantly the humming with life, and to arrive in the morning mist is an unforgotten experience. If you go to Barisal by Rocket Paddle Steamer from Dhaka, it could be a very good option to make it more enjoyable.

Quick Facts

Total Area: Metro: 13,225.20 sq. km. 

Population: 8,325,666 (2011 Census)

Total Rivers: 58.

Attractions: Backwaters, Floating Markets, River Journey, River Port, village & Bazaars, Schools, Fruits & Vegetable gardens, Rice & Saw Mills etc.

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