Cox’s Bazar

Cox's Bazaar Bangladesh

Cox’s bazar–the longest natural unbroken sandy beach (155 km) in the world! Miles of silvery sands, surfing waves, rare conch shells, towering cliffs, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribal life -this is Cox’s bazaar, the tourist capital of Bangladesh. The morning fish market, a few ancient wooden temples in Ramu, is the most attractive in Cox’s Bazaar. Trip to Sonadia and Moheskhali are memorable experiences of a lifetime. This is a very good place to spend the leisure in Bangladesh.

Quick Facts

Length: 155 km. (longest unbroken sea-beach in the world)

City Area: 23.4 km.

Named by: Captain Hiram Cox (British East India Company)

Population: 223,522 (2011 Census)

Attractions: Laboni sea-beach, Himchari & Inani beaches, Maheshkhali Island, Sonadia Island, Ramu Buddhist Temple, Rakhine & Adinath Temple, Fishing Ports, Parachute jumping, Bike rides, Surfing and many more.

Holiday: Friday & Saturday. (crowded) 

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