Cruise on the River

Rangamati Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country braided together by more than 700 rivers, creating a green landscape that will surprise you. This is one of the world’s most densely populated countries, but its charm will surpass the turbulence. Whatever you have imagined about the country, if you go through the river, your perspective will let you pointed to a graceful experience. Not only the beauty of waves and the tides, the lives surrounding the river will fill your empty mind and help you to be merged with people. The lifestyle, fishing techniques, small bazaar beside river, making small boats, cultivation on the bank, Festivals and cultural events and the smiling faces of riverside people will never disappoint you. So if you want to know the riverain Bangladesh, get a plan to jump to the wave. Boat small or big will help you to explore the country with the same pleasure.

Where to cruise?

Cruising river is very popular in every part of Bangladesh. Since ancient times, boat cruising have been very noticeable in Bangladesh as a means of communication. Padma, Meghna, Jamuna are the major river of Bangladesh (stream of Ganges & Brahmaputra River), using for communicating one region to another for the centuries. Today, the popularity has not declined in any part. Some of the rivers and cruise, such as the medium of communication, fishing and business, can be said to be one of the ways to enjoy the beauty of Bengal. Here is a description of some of the most famous and enjoyable river trips in Bangladesh and what sights can be seen through this tour:

1. Rocket Paddle Steamer Cruise

Rocket Paddle Steamer Cruise is the most popular and historical cruise in Bengal since British period of Bengal. Rocket is a gentile name was given to the Paddle Steamer in the British Colonial period because of its speed comparing with the man pulling and other boats.  The history carrier Paddle steamer is running over 100 years in the same route between Dhaka and Khulna division. 

CThe white wooden cabin with an oval shed outlook will take you back to 150 years ago, although it’s converted to diesel engine now. There were only two old Rocket Paddle steamer running on the route before 2020 and having the same looking new-made Steamers. Currently, only Wednesday you can make a cruise on historical ride to Barisal & Hularhat under Bagerhat district. The ride starts and ends at the Dhaka Sadarghat launch terminal to Morolganj under Bagerhat district with 1st class A/C, 2nd class accommodations.


Note: There are cruises by Modern Ship to the same route every day. M V Banglali & M V Madhumati are the two modern ship by BIWTA (Rocket Steamer Authority) and comfortable than other ships, runs only on Monday & Thursday from Dhaka.

Rocket Peddle Steamer

Places to visit: 

As the Rocket Steamer travels to Barisal and Bagerhat districts, it is very easy to visit all the sights of Barisal and Khulna districts. You can visit famous Barisal Backtwater known for largest floating Guava markets in Bangladesh. If you go Hularhat or Muralganj by Rocket, you can go easily to Sixty Dome Mosque in Bagerhat, one of the UNESCO world heritage site of 3 in Bangladesh. It will take an hour driving to go Sixty Dome Mosque. Bagerhat is the heritage city of Bangladesh consist of many Muslim monuments from the Sultanate Period. Visit Shrine of Khan Jahan Ali, Nine Dome Mosque & Kodla Math, are important sites in Bangerhat. After one and half an hour of driving from Bagerhat, go Mongla and make an adventure on largest Mangrove forest in the world Sundarbans for 3 days. Sundarbans is the major places to visit in Bangladesh and UNESCO world heritage site known for the Bengal Tiger. If you don’t want to visit Bagerhat, you can drive directly toward Mongla and explore Sundarbans with exclusive tourist boats. Another interesting thing to do in Khulna is Otter Fishing. Otter Fishing is very famous and traditional method using by fishermen in Narail district in Khulna.


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2. River Cruise to Barisal by Modern Ship

Cruise to Barisal by modern ship is the most popular cruise in Bangladesh. Every year, more than 15 million people use these ship ride for Dhaka to Barisal transfer. There are medium size to bigger ship with 1st class A/C, VIP A/C and 2nd class accommodation with amazing window view rooms. The modern ships are faster than Rocket Steamer and having nice rooftop view. But most of the ships runs on the night is not good for enjoying the beauty of riverain Bangladesh. If you ride on Green Line ship to barisal, you can enjoy the landscape and the river life for 5-6 hours journey. it starts on 8:00 am everyday from Sadarghat Dhaka and on 3:00 pm from Barisal.

Places to visit: Barisal is known as Venice of Bengal and famous floating markets. The rivers and canals with green landscape will make you amazed. The simple lifestyle of village people, school, bazaar & fishing ports are point of interests. You can visit famous Barisal Backtwater known for largest floating Guava markets in Bangladesh. This is one of the best places in Bangladesh for the photographers & village lovers.

From Barisal you can go Bagerhat, Khulna & Sundarbans by public / private vehicles if you want. You can book return journey ticket from Barisal to Dhaka after wonderful experiences of Barisal.


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