Puthia Temple

Puthia is known as temple city, a small village in Rajshahi has the largest number of luscious temples and decayed palaces built by Puthia Hindu Raj family. This is one of the glories of living history in Bangladesh delighted with its unique design and the history told by its terracotta plaques. Undoubtedly, this is a very good place in Bangladesh for the history lovers.

Quick Facts

Location: Puthia Upazila, Rajshahi.

Built: 16th Century.

Built for: Puthia Raj family

Architecture Style: Jor-Bangla & other influences.

Number of attractions:   6 temples & 2 ruin palaces.


Attractions: Pancharatna Govind Temple, Bhubaneshwar Shiva Temple, Jagannath Temple, Bara Anhik Temple, Chota Anhik Temple, Chouchala Chota Govind Temple, Raj Palaces.

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