Panam City

Sonargaon or golden city, a historic administrative, commercial and maritime center of Bengal in the Pre-Muslim, Muslim and British period was the capital of Bangladesh for various time in history. It became the seat of the Hindu Deva Dynasty in the mid-13th century and ended in the early 14th century. Sonargaon was under independent rule for some years, before becoming a subsidiary capital of the Sultanate of Bengal. The city ended up when the Muslim rulers decided to move their capital to Dhaka in the 17th century. The British eventually took control of the region and later it was developed with a new neighborhood settled by wealthy Hindu merchants named Panam City. Now it’s a little more than a couple of villages with the distraction of attractive ruins. The Ishakha Palace now Folklore Museum, abandoned Panam Nagar, a cruise on Meghna River and riverside lifestyle is a bunch of interests.

Quick Facts

Location: Sonargaon, Bangladesh.

Period: 13th-17th century.

Attractions: Ishakha Palace (Folklore Museum), Panam Nagar, Meghna River Cruise, Island Villages, Fishing & Cultivation and more.



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