Tea garden Srimangal
  Srimangal is called “The land of two leaves and a bud” and also known as the camellia, green carpet or Tea Mountain. Delighted with the revolving hills, the endless tea plantations, rubber & pineapple gardens, and deep forest ground are bound to make your days memorable. Just offer entering the tea estates the nice smells and green beauty will lead you many kilometers away. The town is small & travel-friendly to sink into the greenery. This is one of the best places to spend days with hiking, wildlife watching and drinking fresh tea.

Quick Facts

Total Area: 450.74 sq. km. (Srimangal Upazila) 

Population: 230,889

Total Tea Gardens: 47 (Total 163 Gardens in Sylhet region)

Indigenous group: Monipuri and Khasia.

Festivals: Monipuri Rash Mela Festival (full moon of November)

Atrractions: Tea Plantation, Lawachara Rain Forest, Madhabpur Dam, Rubber & Pineapple Gardens, Monipuri & Khasia tribal community, Cycling & drinking tea including famous Seven Layer Tea.

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