Srimangal Bangladesh
  Sylhet is tea capital, a prime attraction for all tourists visiting Bangladesh. Lying between the Khasia and the Jaintia hills on the north, and the Tripura hills on the south, Sylhet breaks the monotony of the flatness of this land by a multitude of terraced tea gardens, rolling countryside, and the exotic flora and fauna. This is home of the largest Shrines of the region, land of vibrant cultures from tribal & local people,  natural resources like Madhabkunda waterfall, Ratargul Swamp Forest, Tamabil, Jaflong, Lalakhal, Tanguar Haor and Bichanakandi-connected to Meghalaya by the river are most interesting to visit. If you love to feel the nature, this is a very good place to visit.

Quick Facts

Total Area: Metro: 12,298.4 sq. km. 

Population: Metro:  12,102,325

Total Tea Gardens: over 163

Language: Bengali, Sylheti

Indigenous group: Monipuri and Khasia.

Festivals: Monipuri Rash Mela Festival (full moon of November)

Atrractions: Tea Plantations, Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bichanakandi, Lalakhal, Jaflong, Tanguar Haor, Madhabkunda Waterfall and many more.

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