Chittagong Hill

Chittagong Hill Tracts Tour

Chittagong hill tracts are the best place for experiencing different lifestyles. Where’s the home of thirteen ethnic people group and the mystery of green hills. The famous Sangu river and the largest human-made Kaptai Lake are the places to make unforgotten. Bandarban and Rangamati are two districts to explore tribal inhabitation. Each tribe has its distinctive rites, rituals, dress, own language, and cultural patterns. Especially their own weaving methods, tribal floating markets & bazaars are noticeable. Along with these, visit the largest ship-breaking yard in Chittagong. This is one of the best trips in Bangladesh for a unique experience.

Duration :
4 Nights / 5 Days
Locations :
Chittagong, Bandrban & Rangamati
Attractions :


  • Shipbreaking yard.
  • Catholic church
  • World war 2 cemetery
  • Shrine of Bayezid Bostami
  • Fishing waterfront


  • Hanging bridge
  • Kaptai lake
  • Rajban Vihar & Chakma King House
  • Shuvolong waterfall
  • Bonorupa floating market
  • Tribal villages & bazaars
  • Tribal weaving factory


  • Golden temple
  • Nilachal, Chimbuk & Nilgiri hill points.
  • Shailaprapat
  • Tribal villages & bazaar
  • Tribal Weaving Village
Tour Available :
Round the year.
Best time to go:
October to March

Tour Highlights:

  • Hike on hill tracts in Rangamati & Bandarban.
  • Meet 13 indigenous communities exist in Chittagong division.
  • Explore the tribal villages, weaving factories & tribal bazaar in Rangamati and Bandarban including Tripura, Bawm, Marma & Murong villages.
  • Visit ship-breaking yard, Catholic church & World War 2 cemetery in Chittagong City.
  • Enjoy the boat cruise on Kaptai Lake in Rangamati.
  • Visit the biggest tribal floating market Bonorupa in Rangamati.
  • Visit iconic Hanging bridge, Rajban Vihar & Chakma King house in Rangamati.
  • Visit Nilachal, Chimbuk & Nilgiri hill points in Bandarban, and enjoy the view of the hilly territory.
  • Spend some relax time at  Shailaprapat in Bandarban and Shuvolong waterfall in Rangamati.

Next Scheduled Tour:

  • 15-19 November 2022 (Full Booked)
  • 22-26 November 2022 (Available to book)
  • 8-12 December 2022 (Available to book)
  • 19-23 December 2022 (Available to book)
  • 8-12 January 2023 (Available to book)

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 : Train journey from Dhaka & Chittagong shipbreaking.
  • Start from Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station early in the morning at 7:00 am. Enjoy a good train journey (Sonar Bangla Express) through the Bengal beauty.  Around 1:00 pm, we will arrive at Chittagong and we go for lunch.
  • In the afternoon, we will reach Kumira dock station to visit the largest Ship-breaking yards. We will take a boat ride to the nearest side of the yards. As there is no permission inside, we will follow the high tide to reach closer. A telelens will help you to get better photos.
  • Enjoy the sunset on the sea beach. Overnight in Chittagong.
Day 2 : Kaptai Lake Cruise, King House, Waterfall & Villages
  • Early morning, we will drive towards Rangamati. Visit the Shrine of Bayezid Bostami on the way. The Bostami Turtles on the ponds are hungry to eat food from you.
  • We will reach Rangamati around 10:00 am. Immediately we will start the cruise on Kaptai Lake. This is the largest manmade lake in Bangladesh.
  • We will visit Rajban Vihar & Chakma King's house while cruising. There are many Buddhist temples on the hills inside the lake. The lake near the Shuvolong Waterfall is wonderful.  We will visit an island tribal village to make a short hike. We will have lunch at the lakeside tribal restaurants today.
  • In the evening, Bonorupa Chakma-Marma Bazar is an interesting place to visit.
  • Overnight in Rangamati.
Day 3 : Iconic Rangamati Bridge, Pagoda and Tribal village in Bandarban.
  • Today, we will start driving to Bandarban after visiting the iconic Rangamati Bridge and some weaving factories.
  • In Bandarban, our first visit will be to the Golden Temple (Buddha Dhatu Jadi) before lunch.
  • In the afternoon, we are ready for a short hike inside a beautiful village. Visit Hatiabandha Tripura Village, the only place where Tripura indigenous people live in this region. This village is located down the hills. This is truly a memorable place.
  • Enjoy the sunset and scenic beauty of the hills at Nilachal.
  • Overnight in Bandarban.
Day 4 : A journey through the Tribal Villages and hill points.
  • Today is our big day. We will drive to the Chimbuk area to visit some unique tribal villages of the Murong People. These villages are truly unique and different from the modern tribes. Meet the tribal community, and know their lifestyle and weaving techniques.
  • After lunch, we will have a cup of coffee with a wonderful landscape view from Nilgiri.
  • Visit Shailaprapat and Bawm Village in the afternoon.
  • Overnight in Bandarban.
Day 5 : Sangu Riverside life, Largest Fishing port and Fly to Dhaka.
  • After breakfast, we will experience a different lifestyle of a riverside slum. We will make a cruise if we get the chance.
  • Our journey back to Chittagong Airport will start then. Visit the largest fishing front Karnafully Ghat. The fish trading, Rickshaw workshop, World War 2 cemetery, and Potenga Sea Beach will complete your day.
  • Fly Dhaka in the afternoon after a memorable trip.

Price for the tour (Per Person)

Starting Price
USD 550.00


  • All accommodations in 3-star hotels or resorts on a twin-share basis. (Upgrades of hotel and single supplement available)
  • All transportation like the air-conditioned car, land cruiser, and Tuk-tuk are mentioned in the itinerary.
  • All meals at the local & tribal restaurant with quality food and mineral water for drinking.
  • Train ticket & air tickets.
  • Boat rides on the in Rangamati & Bandarban.
  • All permissions (police escorts if necessary), entry fees, and tax for the entire trip.
  • English-speaking guide for the entire trip.


  • Personal expenses.
  • Tips.


  • Timing and assembling for the places are flexible; We could change them because of traffic or timing during the tour.
  • Bengali local food is spicy. Plain rice, vegetables, fish & meat are available in restaurants. Biriyani & Khichuri made of rice, lentil, meat, and special spices is the famous food of old Dhaka also available in other cities. (Non-spicy food is possible to order in some restaurants if you like.)
  • There are many police and army checkpoints in Bandarban & Rangamati. Stop for the data entry and show the passports (if needed) for security. They will help you for the entire trip.