Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard

Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard, located in Faujdharjat under Sitakunda Upazila is the world’s largest ship breaking yard handling about a fifth of the world’s total. Hundreds of meters long, ferrying millions of tons of goods across the globe, the sheer size of these immense vessels is dying on the place. However, the destruction and final resting place of these steel giants is even more intriguing. Due to cheaper labor costs and fewer health and safety regulations that have to be followed, the developing world hosts the vast majority of shipbreaking efforts. This is a very unique place to visit yourself in Bangladesh.  A scene of the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron was shot at this place.

Quick Facts

Location: Kumira ship breaking yeard

Area: 20 km in Sitakunda coastal strip and 18 km. in North-west of Chittagong.  

Yearly breaking rate: 800 large ship a year.

Total labor: 200,000