9 Nights / 10 Days

World Heritage Tour Bangladesh

Explore the land & people with coverage of all UNESCO world heritage sites and recommended places by popular travel guides, unleash the hidden treasure and enjoy the culture & hospitable people with this holiday package. Start your exploration from Dhaka City, the most resonant place to experience with a lot of historical monuments. Enjoy famous […]

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12 Nights / 13 Days

Highlights of Bangladesh

Visit the most famous and most visited places, including all UNESCO world heritages in Bangladesh. Single largest mangrove forest, historical Paharpur & Bagerhat, tea valley with a lot of adventures and the lifestyles of different people all over the country are worthy to visit in a single trip. Start your exploration from Dhaka City, the […]

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4 Nights / 5 Days

Rocket Cruise & Sundarbans Tour

Explore 2 UNESCO sites, Sundarbans & Sixty Dome Mosque and enjoy famous Rocket Paddle Steamer cruise in a single trip. Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world, known for its wide range of fauna, especially for the man-eating Bengal Tiger. Explore Kotka & Kochikhali wildlife sanctuary, walk into the deep forest, make small boat trips through the creeks & cannel, enjoy the view of the Bay of Bengal and feel the silence of largest mangrove forest for the lifetime experience.

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4 Nights / 5 Days

Chittagong Hill Tracts Tour

Hike on Chittagong hill tracts where living thirteen of indigenous people inhabited in Bandarban and Rangamati. Explore different Tribal villages to know their lifestyle & weaving methods, bazaars, cruise on famous Sangu river, Kaptai & Boga lakes, Shuvolong & Rijuk waterfalls, visit the famous Golden temple & many more. King palaces, the scenic beauty of different hills like Nilachal, Chimbuk & Nilgiri and the Shipbreaking in Chittagong will make a perfect and memorable trip of your life.

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2 Nights / 3 Days

Tea Plantation Tour Bangladesh

Visit Sylhet & Srimangal, the tea capitals and the land of natural scenic beauty covered by a lot of tea estates, including the largest one in the world and experience the tea plantation. Explore the terraced tea, pineapple, rubber and lemon plantations, Madhabpur dam, Madhabkunda waterfall, Jaflong zero point and make an adventure on the last remaining tropical rainforest Lawachara to feel the nature. If you want to have a relaxation from the nature, it will be a wonderful trip.

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3 Nights/ 2 Days

Barisal Backwater Tour Bangladesh

Experience Barisal, the south part of Bangladesh called Venice of Bengal and the famous for backwater-floating markets. Enjoy an overnight river journey by old Rocket steamer and visit back water-floating markets, timber & sawmills, brick factories, and fruit gardens. Meet the open-hearted villagers, school children, and lost yourself in happy faces. This is a unique and photogenic place in Bangladesh for a memorable trip.

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5 Nights / 6 Days

Ancient North Bengal Tour

Discover North Bengal, considerably rich in archaeological wealth, particularly of the primitive period both during the Muslim and pre-Muslim rules. Make an archaeological trip to the Paharpur, Gaur & Puthia in Rajshahi, Kantajee temple in Dinajpur, Mohasthangarh in Bogra and to the all of the historical places in Rajshahi, Chapai Nwabganj, Puthia, Rangpur, Dinajpur, Paharpur, Bogra & Rajbari regions. Visit now to know the living history of Bangladesh and for a wonderful trip.

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Full Day (8 Hours)

Dhaka City Tour

Explore Dhaka City, the capital of Bangladesh since 1608 beside Buriganga River. It’s a Centre for Trade and Culture, with a long history as a seat of government. The remaining of Mughal period’s Lalbagh Fort- an incomplete early 17th-century monument, American architect Louis Kahn’s National Parliament Building, Sadarghat river port, Nawab Abdul Gani’s Ahsan Manzil (Pink Palace), Dhakeswari Temple, Armenian Church, Star Mosque, Curzon Hall, the noisy urban spaces with friendly people. and many more places are worth to visit for any traveler.

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6 Nights / 7 Days

Rangamati, Bandarban & Cox’s Bazar

Explore Rangamati, Bandarban & Cox’s Bazaar, three districts in Chittagong division are the popular places in Bangladesh and center of natural beauty. Meet 13 different indigenous people & know their lifestyle, make the cruise on the trans-boundary Sangu river & largest human-made Kaptai Lake, visit popular hill points, waterfalls, the famous Golden temple, King palaces and more. Spend your holiday in Cox’s Bazar–the longest natural sea beach in the world for a peaceful leisure. Check the full itinerary for the details and make a trip for the lifetime experience.

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Full day (8 hours)

Sonargaon River Cruise & Sightseeing Tour

Visit the ancient capital Sonargaon, a historic administrative, commercial and maritime center of Bengal in the Pre-Muslim, Muslim and British periods. See the remaining old capital, Abandoned Panam City, Folklore Museum, Fishing on the river and the lifestyles of riverside people. The old city and the traditions displayed in the museum, the river life, bazaar, and the people will satisfy you for the whole day.

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