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Sundarbans Tour Bangladesh

The Sundarbans mangrove forest, one of the largest such forests in the world (140,000 ha) lies on the delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers on the Bay of Bengal. It is adjacent to the border of India’s Sundarbans World Heritage site inscribed in 1987. The site is intersected by a complex network of tidal waterways, mudflats, and small islands of salt-tolerant mangrove forests, and presents an excellent example of ongoing ecological processes. The area is known for its wide range of fauna, including 260 bird species, the man-eating Royal Bengal tiger, and other threatened species such as the estuarine crocodile and the Indian python.

The forest is a veil of wilderness and haunting with its deepness of endless waterways. More than 300 hundred rivers-canal and its mystic tidal changes allow incentive adventure through the mangrove carpet. Sundarbans connect 80 kilometers of the Bay of Bengal and its sandy beaches that are quite natural. The silence of the forest overwhelms the mind and produces a restful ambiance that helps anyone to fill the heart away from routine life. The beauty of Sundarbans is wildlife. The only thing you can hear in the forest is the sound of water, wind, birds, and animals. The full moon at Sundarbans is a mystery. Dinner inside the forest on the full moon is genuinely memorable. Plenty of deer comes to the bank of the river to drink at night. When you target a spotlight, you can see the shiny eyes of animals. Imagine a night in the deep forest where there’s no human and you are sleeping in a small ship cabin. You will meditate by the sound of silence and water waves. And of course, you can hear the roar of the tiger, the Royal Bengal Tiger if you are lucky.

The banks of the rivers-canal host a lot of animals and are truly fascinating. Crocodiles basking in the sun, deers hunting foods, birds running for fish, otters swimming, and sometimes dolphins saying hello to you at the same time is an unforgettable visual for a lifetime. The small tiny canals and a country boat trip in the early morning permit one to experience the elegance of the forest. A lot of birds you can see when going through the canals. You can see a deer eating leaves and running when you got by them. Kotka is a place where a see more than a hundred deers together. You can get closer and closer if they are busy eating.

The most exciting thing in Sundarbans is walking inside the forest. This is an adventurous and horrible moment at the same time when you know there are the man-eating tigers and it could be anywhere, anytime. The forest guards with their guns give you the courage to experience the moment. Walking inside the mangrove trees and the field covered by tiger fern and watching running deers are a lifetime experience.

Waiting for a tiger from a watchtower could be the best thing. Cups of tea with a binocular or a camera with a telephoto lens and your patience of waiting to see a tiger are a true wild. Only a very lucky one can see a tiger, but you can see the pugmark. Whatever the past reports, the number of tigers are increasing when we got some baby tigers on our watch.

Sundarbans, having their natural-wild vastness is the best place to spend in Bangladesh. It’s having more activities than we can write. You will experience it when you are in the middle of Sundarbans. You cannot forget a single moment if you visit once.

This tour starts and ends at Khulna / Mongla by AC / Non AC exclusive tourist boat. You can make it from Dhaka by air/ bus/ rocket steamer. Check out the itinerary Bagerhat and Sundarbans Tour and Rocket Cruise & Sundarbans Tour for the tour from Dhaka.

Duration :
2 nights / 3 days
Locations :
Attractions :
  • Harbaria Eco-Tourism Center.
  • Kotka Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Kochikhali Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Jamtola Sea Beach.
  • Fishing Village.
  • Deep forest walking.
  • Small boat trip.
Tour Available :
Round the year
Best time to go:
October to March

Tour Highlights:

  • UNESCO Heritage: Sundarbans is one of the World Heritage sites of Bangladesh.
  • Magical Forest: The silence of the forest will blow your mind.  The tides & moonlight make it more interesting.  It's a kind of meditation anyway.
  • Wildlife Hunting: Spot wildlife from the boat.  walk through the forest and small canal to watch a closer view.  Our expeditions to the wildlife sanctuaries are pretty interesting to make happen. Spotting wildlife from the watchtower is a typical way but interesting.
  • Adventure Cruise: The whole trip is an adventure. It's the fear of man-eating Tigers. Country boat rides through the creeks and deep forest walking are thrilling.
  • Deep Forest Walking: Walk into the forest with the armed guard and feel the variety of forests.
  • Bay of Bengal: Enjoy the view of the Bay of Bengal at Jamtola sea beach and Kotka. Sunset & Sunrising at Kotka makes you charmed when you feel the silence.
  • Fishing Village: Live fishing on the river, fishermen's village & lifestyle are the things you can experience. Especially, shrimp & crab firms are noticeable.

Next Scheduled Tour:

  • Declaring soon.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 : Sundarbans National Forest.
  • Early in the morning, our Sundarbans' journey will start in Mongla. Our guide will pick you up from Hotel Pashur.  Get your accommodation and breakfast on the boat.
  • After the journey of two hours, the boat will stop at the Chadpai forest office to complete the formalities and to pick up an armed forest guard for security.
  • We’ll cruise to visit Harbaria eco-center, a popular spot for Sundarbans.  It 30 minutes of walking through the sanctuary.
  • We will cruise again through the deep forest. Experience the silence of the largest mangrove. In the evening, we’ll anchor our boat near the Kochikhali Forest office.  If time permits, we will make a small boat cruise through the canals.
  • Overnight stay in Kochikhali.
Day 2 : Kochikhali & Kotka Wildlife Sanctuaries, Sea Beach and deep forest walking.
  • Today is our biggest day on the Sundarbans. Very early in the morning, we will start with a boat trip through the small creeks. The best time for making a boat trip is very early morning.  At a point, we’ll get off the small boat for a long walk into the forest office area.
  • We will cruise for Kotka. It takes 2 hours to reach Kotka station. On this journey, you’ll see wildlife including deers, crocodiles, birds, otters, and Bengal monitors.
  • We need an hour of walking to visit Jamtola Sea beach. This is an adventurous journey through the deep forest.  It's the Bay of Bengal where is our destination.
  • After lunch, visit the Kotka wildlife sanctuary area. This is the major point to see the group of deers. We will take enough time to explore the sanctuary and enjoy the sunset on the beach.
  • Then, we’ll start the journey back. We will anchor the boat at the middle point of Sundarban in Chadpai/Jaimoni. Enjoy B-B-Q Dinner on the boat and make the day fulfilled.
Day 3 : Fishing Village & Karamjal Crocodile Center.
  • Early in the morning, we will make a small boat trip through the small creeks.
  • We will visit a fishing village today.  The village also produces a lot of Shimp firms. Meet people to know their lifestyle. Spend an enjoyable moment with happy children.
  • We will visit the Karamjal Crocodile breeding center. Actually, it is a zoo where you can see groups of deer and crocodiles in a cage.
  • After lunch, make yourself ready to depart from the boat.  Finish the Sundarbans adventure.

Price for the tour (Per Person)

Starting from
USD 300.00


  • Cruise inside the forest with an exclusive tourist boat.
  • Accommodation on a twin-sharing basis.
  • All meals during Sundarban cruise.
  • All activities inside the forest as per itinerary.
  • Small country boat to make trips inside small canals/creeks.
  • Forest fees (BDT. 10,500), Permissions & armed forest guard from the forest department
  • Mineral water for drinking and 24X7 coffee/tea during the trip.
  • An accompanying guide during the trip.


❌     Drinks both hard and soft.

❌     Personal expenses.

❌    Tips.

❌    Insurance


  • The itinerary could be changed because of tides, daylight hours, moon phase, and weather. But we'll cover all the mentioned places as per the itinerary.
  • The small boats are best for the Sundarban cruise. We organize a private basis tour with the accommodation of 4-10 people with a reserved boat. The room size is quite smaller, no running hot water, electricity is supplied by the battery, and a small generator to charge up the electrical devices. But it’s comfortable to spend days with the facilities.
  • We make the food on the boat by the experienced chef during the trip.
  • The quantity of mosquitoes is more sometimes. You must carry the mosquito repellent for the trip.
  • No phone signal works inside the deeper forest. But at some point, you will get a phone signal to call the emergency. If you use Bangladeshi TeleTalk SIM, we’ll get better coverage in a remote area like Kotka.
  • The chance of seeing tigers is very rare in the Sundarbans. The lucky one gets the chance of it.
  • Make yourself silent for the boat trip or walking into the forest. The best way to explore Sundarban is to keep silent and look